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The SMOSH team were photographed on a green screen cyc in costume and on a welded frame, made to look like a building under construction. FX make-up was used to create the Joker’s signature scars. Background images were pulled and the entire image was photoshopped together to create multiple layers and atmosphere.

Tom Bergeron and the Monkees Micky Dolenz posed as The Dude and Walter Sobchak. Backgrounds were shot at Zuma Beach and composited into a single image and the ash was created using a variety of effects to create the multiple layers.

Stan Lee posed as his favorite actor Errol Flynn. Signifant photoshop work was done to straighten Stan up, and extend his arm to create the look. Backgrounds of a forest were taken to create the final shot.

MCG concepted, produced and did all post for the the ArcLight Cinemas campaign. Utilizing incredible makeup, costume and props, Mission Control re-created scenes from fan favorite movies.  We curated a mix of pop culture icons and digital media influencers to be “transformed” into their favorite characters.  The talent included the mastermind behind Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, as Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood and America’s favorite host, Tom Bergeron as The Dude from The Big Lebowski.  Mega YouTube comedy duo SMOSH took on the roles of The Joker and Batman from The Dark Knight. The campaign included behind-the-scenes videos of the production process and tapped into each Influencer’s social media following.