Fila Integration

Stan is presented with the one of a kind Extraordinary: Stan Lee sneaker.

Stan is presented with a one-of-a-kind Extraordinary: Stan Lee sneaker. The sneaker was designed by MCG and Fila for the Tribute.

There were only two pairs of shoes created for the Tribute. One for Stan and one for the Fila designer, which Stan signed after the show. MCG had another forty created for show participants, which were delivered after the Tribute.

Michael Rooker shows off the Fila Tribute shoe during the press line.

MCG worked with Fila and their design team to create a sneaker for Stan Lee, which was presented to him on stage during his tribute. The MCG team worked with Fila to create the integration, then worked with their designer to create the shoe. This portion of the tribute was live streamed on Fila’s Facebook page.