Extraordinary: Stan Lee

Opening Card

The opening card for the Tribute, as seen at over 300 theaters nationwide.


RZA from the Wu Tang Clan, provided the most poignant segment of the evening, reading a 50 year old Stan’s Soapbox about racism.

Lou Ferrigno

Stan and Lou Ferrigno, talk the Hulk and how Stan’s influence on Lou’s life and career.

Michael Rooker

Michael Rooker and Stan have a laugh during the Tribute.

MCG concepted, produced and live streamed the Extraordinary: Stan Lee tribute to over 300 theaters.Hosted by Chris Hardwick and featuring Stan Lee, over twenty guest stars paid tribute to the Marvel legend during the two hour special. We laid out the run of show in order to create a well oiled show flow.

Featured interviews were intercut with animated and video segments throughout the evening. Four cameras, including a jib with all camera operators, director, stage managers, make-up and other crew hired by us. Using five encoding sources, we streamed IP to satellite, IP to IP, direct fiber to a decoder, an RTMP feed and a Facebook Live feed.