e.l.f. Cosmetics – Oscar Red Carpet

Challenge: Increase awareness and build brand credibility for e.l.f. Cosmetics.

Solution: To take advantage of the glamour and incredible exposure that define the Oscar red carpet, MC secured known fashion expert Allison McNamara who’d been tapped to host the 2016 Oscar pre-show for ABC.com and PopSugar. MC partnered Allison with pro makeup artist and YouTube star Sona Gasparian, to create promotable video content leading up to the Oscars. The video consisted of Sona creating three different red carpet looks for Allison to “try on,” featuring e.l.f. products alongside prestige brands.

Results:  The video content was posted on Sona’s channel (686K+ subscribers) where it earned 28K+ views within the first few days of posting. Three hundred comments were posted “voting” on which look was best for Allison’s Oscar red carpet appearance. Both Sona and Allison promoted their collaboration across their social media platforms.